Road Warriors

Bryan Broaddus, who ran the draft for the Eagles in 1998, is now a writer for the Dallas Cowboys. He is a really interesting guy to follow on Twitter, as he shares a scout’s perspective on pro football.

In a recent column for, Broaddus discussed winning games in December. He offered this nugget about the Eagles and playing on the road late in the year.

The team that has been money on the road during this time has been the Philadelphia Eagles who have a record of 7-5. As for the Cowboys in the month of December, their record is 6-7 on the road and 5-5 at home, which is a reflection of what we have seen from this team the last several years. As important as all these games are in a season, what the month of December will once again tell the true story, for their sake, I hope it’s a different ending.

I can’t blame Broaddus for cheering for Dallas since they pay his bills. Don’t let that ruin his credibility with you. Smart guy.

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  1. Fresh Prince says:

    I never knew Snoop Dogg was a scout and writer!

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