Some 2003 Draft Targets

I was going through a stack of old papers. Stumbled across a list from 2003 titled “Eagles Interested In …”.  Here’s the list:

Willis McGahee
All front seven
Aaron Hunt
Kevin Williams
Tyrone Calico
Wade Smith
LJ Smith
Ivan Taylor

Ivan Taylor is better known as Ike Taylor. I had to look that up. Couldn’t remember Ivan Taylor to save my life.

I was getting this info back in 2003 from mainstream websites and media outlets. This isn’t any inside stuff. I loved Kevin Williams. He reminded me of Reggie White.

Calico is a name that will ring with the old EMB crowd. He played at MTSU and was the subject of much discussion. Calico was a big, fast WR. All Eagles fans wanted a WR like that back then.

Juan Castillo spent a couple of days with Wade Smith. He spent most of his time with Miami and had a solid career.

* * *

While cleaning, I also found Dell Curry’s autograph from his days as a Charlotte Hornet and one for Phil McConkey, the former Giants WR. I would really appreciate it if no one would break in and steal these “priceless” heirlooms from me.

I actually didn’t get the autographs. My mom did. Any time she saw or met an athlete, she got the autograph and hoped it was something good.

A for effort.

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  1. SteveH says:

    Well you were right about the LJ Smith interest (to the lasting dismay of us all).

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