What If…

Over on Iggles Blitz I recently did a post featuring some “what if” scenarios. Since this is a quiet time of the year, I’m not alone in using that idea. David Bohr has done a similar thing over at PennLive. Here is one. What if…

… no one had ever come up with the name Super Bowl?

This entry is more about perception than anything else. But any Philadelphia fan over the age of 12 has been forced to listen to fans of other teams talk about how the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl. But what if the championship game were still just the NFL Championship game? Then fans and pundits would not be able to ignore the titles from 1948, 1949 and 1960. Yes, it would be a 53-year drought, but it would put a stop to the jokes about the Eagles’ trophy case being empty. What if rating: 4/10

This is an interesting question. The Super Bowl used to be a joke. It was winning the NFL Championship that mattered. Once the AFL and NFL merged, winning the Super Bowl took on a different meaning. And football has looked down upon the pre-Super Bowl era.

If they had never come up with that name and stuck with NFL Championships, the Eagles would have 3. The last one would be a long time ago, but it would still count the same. Does the Detroit Tigers 1968 World Series mean any less than their 1984 title? A World Series win is a WS win.

But NFL titles and Super Bowls are looked at as apples and oranges.

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