Scout on the Eagles

Paul Domowitch got some good info from a scout on the Eagles and what he’s seen this summer.

Is this the same scout who Domo talked to last year? If so, that led to some odd comments that made it into this piece.

I think some of the concerns are totally legit, but others are overblown.

We all agree that Sopoaga has been unimpressive. The backup OL? That group was actually better than expected. Allen Barbre was terrific at LT and LG. Julian Vandervelde had a good summer. Matt Tobin is a UDFA that is pushing for a roster spot. And we’re still waiting to see what Dennis Kelly can do.

Logan isn’t an ideal 2-gap NT, but he’s done much better than I expected.

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2 Responses to Scout on the Eagles

  1. ATG says:

    Yeah, really. How many teams can boast that a former first round pick isn’t even their best back up? That is some serious depth. Either that, or…

  2. Kevin says:

    The fact that Lane Johnson can move over to left tackle in case of a Peters injury, Herremans can play both guard spots and RT, and Allen Barbre has shown that he’s not a liability on the line, gives me plenty of confidence in the O line in case of an injury.

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