Tra Thomas Added As Eagles Assistant

Former Eagles LT worked as a minority coaching intern with the team this summer. That led to him being hired as an offensive assistant.

As Geoff Mosher pointed out, Thomas worked with Michael Bamiro as the rookie prepared to have his Pro Day for NFL teams. Thomas did a good job with the young man and I’m sure that wasn’t lost on the Eagles, who signed Bamiro.

One thing Thomas loves to do is watch tape of defenders. Know your enemy, so to speak.

“I’m looking at steps, I’m looking at when they’re making their moves, I’m looking at which foot they have back, I’m looking at which moves they like to use,” Thomas said. “If they like to one-hand bull rush, if they like to do a swim move, when they’re gonna make their spin move, are they spinning inside or outside, what kind of different moves are they using to set up their stunts?

“It’s a whole lot of things that — because everybody gives something away — it’s just a matter of writing it down and seeing it and then making a catalogue for it.”

Head coach Chip Kelly raved about Thomas and his ability to see little things on tape.

“One thing about Tra, when you sit there and watch film with him, is just how much he’s studied tape on his own and what he’s learned about the game,” Kelly said. “I think he’s imparted that to a lot of young linemen we have.”

Congressman Runyan and Coach Thomas. 10 years ago, I sure didn’t see either of these titles being real.

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