Doomsday in Dallas?

Want to have some fun? Go read this Bill Barnwell piece on the Cowboys looming salary cap nightmare. There are 7 players whose contracts total $39M this year. That jumps up to $79.6M in 2014.

Yikes. Oh, and one more thing: Two pretty important players for the Cowboys are in the final year of their contracts in 2014. Wide receiver Dez Bryant and left tackle Tyron Smith are two players the team will have to re-sign, and even if they sign deals in 2014 that don’t begin until 2015, there’s not exactly a lot of wiggle room to work with. This is a brutal situation.

There is a way out of this, but it won’t be painless. Barnwell suggests the Cowboys should consider cutting DeMarcus Ware after this year. He’s slated to make $16.7M next season. There would be some dead money, but it would free up cap space for younger players.

Is there any way Jerry Jones would actually have the discipline to make a move like that?

If you hate the Cowboys, you’ll love the article.

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