Tom Gamble Update

Several teams have tried to set up an interview with Tom Gamble to get him to be their GM. Sounds like he’ll be staying put for now.

This is terrific news, assuming it is accurate.

Why would Gamble stay? I’ve read that his father Harry is ill. By staying in Philly for another year, Tom can spend time with his family and help them out. There will be other GM openings,

Tom staying helps the Eagles. He probably has the most extensive Pro Personnel background of anyone on the staff. That will be critical as the team makes free agency plans. Tom also was in SF when they built up a great 3-4 defense. Howie and the majority of the scouts know the 4-3, but the 3-4 is still new to them. It can take time to adjust to finding the right fits to the new scheme.

One of the problems is that most schools still run the 4-3. That means you are projecting a lot of DEs to OLBs, DTs to DEs and OLBs to ILBs. That can be tricky. Having a veteran 3-4 personnel guy like Gamble in the mix is a good thing.

Tom Gamble isn’t some irreplaceable personnel guru, but he is smart, experienced and he’s got a good eye for talent. You want to keep guys like that around as long as possible. The Eagles have some young guys in the personnel department. Gamble can use his experience to help them out, as scouts and in administrative roles.

Eventually I’m sure Gamble will leave for a GM role. He deserves it. If the Eagles are lucky, they’ll get another year or two out of him.

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3 Responses to Tom Gamble Update

  1. jarred says:

    Hi Tommy, regarding Gambell not necessarily being an irreplaceable personnel guru. Who would be some examples of personnel gurus around the league?

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      BAL – Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta
      GB – Ted Thompson
      SEA – John Schneider
      SF – Trent Baalke

  2. libertarien says:

    What do you think of the new extreme black metal album Divine Necromancy by the band Phantom. some say, its the best heavy metal album ever recorded thanks

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