DE Taylor Hart

The Eagles brought in Oregon DE Taylor Hart for a visit. Hart is keeping a draft diary for The Oregonian, but unfortunately hasn’t updated that since coming to Philly. Here’s what he had to say a few weeks back.

“It was obviously cool to see (Philadelphia coaches Chip Kelly and Jerry Azzinaro) again at the combine, it had been a while but it will be nice to go out and see them again. It’s nice to always know the head coach and the defensive line coach pretty well, so I don’t know if it makes it easier but it’s nice to see them again. It’s meeting a lot of other coaches, too, so it’s just nice to have them be the first one.

Hart is a good DE that would be an ideal fit for the Eagles. He is 6-6, 284 and is a good 2-gap DE. He also is a solid athlete that can rush the passer. The Eagles need depth at DE and Hart is a mid-round target that would make sense.

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