Looking Back – Foles Pro Day

Daniel Jeremiah was a scout for the Eagles a couple of years ago. He went to Nick Foles Pro Day and wasn’t very impressed. Here is his scouting report.

Good thing the Eagles kept the Pro Day in perspective and went with Foles in the 3rd round. Jeremiah did make note that the conditions were rough. Most of these guys workout indoors or in pristine conditions.

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One Response to Looking Back – Foles Pro Day

  1. Jernst says:

    That’s the thing with scouting a pro day, especially for a QB. Everything Jeremiah said was accurate then and is just as accurate now. Foles has added some strength but he’s still a limited athlete that has to put air under his long balls. Obviously those aren’t the make or break qualities that determine pro level success but they’re the type of thing you can gain from a pro day. That’s why tape/game performance and personality will always be more important that work outs.

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