College Coaches Checking In

Chip Kelly is a coach’s coach. He loves the game of football. He loves going to clinics and talking/learning about the game. While at Oregon, Kelly visited NFL teams to see how they did things. He was always looking for new ideas.

Now the tables have turned. Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury came to Philly recently. Sheil Kapadia covered this in a recent post.

Chip Kelly crossed paths with several coaches in his various travels this offseason.

One coach who came to see Kelly in Philadelphia was Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury. The Red Raiders averaged 35.8 points and 510.7 yards per game in Kingsbury’s first season there.

Speaking to’s Bruce Feldman on The Audible podcast, Kingsbury explained what he got out of his visit.

“I went to Philadelphia and met with those guys, the Eagles coaches, just to see what they were doing differently at that level,” he said.

“I thought he’s done a great job of staying consistent in who he was at Oregon, bringing it up there and believing in it and excelled. A lot of the same concepts they were successful with at Oregon, they’re running and being successful with in one of the top offenses in the NFL. So it was fun to see that. Everybody says, ‘Well that offense can’t work in the NFL.’ He kind of went up there and showed everybody it could. So it was fun to be around that, and hopefully we take some stuff from what I saw up there and incorporate it into our game and get better this year.”

This also keeps the Eagles-Pats-Kelly-Belichick thing going since Kingsbury was drafted by the Pats back in 2003 and spent that season with the team.

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