Momah, Pt. 2

Receiver Ifeanyi Momah was a major disappointment last summer. There was a lot of curiosity around him, but he never impressed. Momah is playing much better this summer. He still might be a long shot to make the team, but at least he has a chance this time around.

Momah is trying to use his size advantage this time around, something he didn’t do last summer.

“Last year, I was playing down as just a regular receiver. Now, I’m trying to use my size. If anybody is around me, it doesn’t matter, I’m the biggest guy out there. It’s kind of like basketball, box them out. Take the ball and stay up and score. Right now, I’m realizing my size and I’m using it to my advantage,” Momah said.

“I feel a lot more comfortable with my routes, just overall as a receiver. Now, I can play freer and I feel better. I feel like I have a little more talent, a little more hop in my step. I feel good. I feel like this year is a big difference from last and I’m ready.”

I look forward to seeing him in action this summer.

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