Sconces Update

Cary Williams was the hot topic last year, but for the wrong reasons. This spring he is at the OTAs and trying to help the defense take the next step.

“Did I miss some of these? No doubt,” he said. “But I am a team player and a family guy and someone who is seen in the locker room as a guy who can be trusted. I missed out on that at this time last year, and some of my actions were misunderstood to a degree. At the end of the day, I still don’t regret what I did. I felt like I was doing the right thing for me and for my family. That was the first time I had ever missed OTAs, and I had neglected a lot of family things for a while.”

Williams is still trying to get the defense to play with more of a nasty streak.

“It’s just about being physical at the point of attack,” Williams said when asked to define nasty. “When you’re getting 11 guys to the ball, you’re getting guys swarming, getting guys hitting, and you’re hearing contact. You’re getting guys with no YAC [yards after the catch]. We have a lot of guys in our locker room who are capable of doing that, and now that we have a year under our belt in this system, you can look forward to us being a lot more physical and a lot more dynamic on defense.”

They can’t do much about that now, but hopefully the physicality will show up in Training Camp and the preseason.

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  1. P_P_K says:

    Awesome! How many days until the first game?

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