An Outside Look at the Eagles Offense

A Broncos blogger took the time to break down the Eagles offense and had some good thoughts.

It’s easy to look at what Philadelphia is doing, and say that it’s the same thing that Washington or Seattle did last year. It’s not, though. That was about creating discipline conflicts in run defense, much like the Broncos did under the Shanahan regime, and the Texans do under Gary Kubiak. If you force a defense to be disciplined and stay at home in all eight gaps, it’s easier to win in the one gap in which you’re actually trying to run.

When Robert Griffin reads a DE at the mesh point, he can either hand the ball off to his RB going one way, or keep the ball and run at the gap that a crashing DE just vacated. There are two options there off the action, and a defense that sells out to fill all eight gaps can have some luck with slowing down those two options.

What if there were more than two options, though? What if there were five? Would a defense be able to cover them all? That’s the question that Chip Kelly is asking, and answering generally, no, you can’t stop everything.

He finished with this point and I can’t argue.

 It will be tough to stop the Eagles offense, but I think the terrible Eagles defense will have twice as big a challenge with the Broncos offense.

Probably won’t be a boring game.

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  1. Dan in Philly says:

    So far, so great with this offense. If they get even better (no turnovers) they any game, including this Sunday.

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