Great Piece by Domo

Paul Domowitch always does a great job with his stats columns and this is no different. He starts off by writing about the Eagles and how they haven’t done much with the TEs so far.

As the season goes on, the Eagles almost certainly will play more 12 (1 running back, 2 tight ends, 2 wide receivers) and 13 (1 back, 3 tight ends, 2 wide receivers) personnel.

Defenses will start to use their base package more to stop McCoy, and Kelly will try to create mismatches with his athletic tight ends on linebackers and safeties.

“We’re going to get those guys involved at some point,” Vick said. “Our coach knows exactly when he wants to incorporate those guys. But for the most part, they are in the game plan and they will be a big part of this offense at some point.”

Said Kelly: “A lot of times it becomes a match game. What matchups do you want to be in? What matchups do you think are more favorable to you? You’re kind of looking at how people try to defend different formations and different sets to try and get tendencies in terms of how they’re going to deploy their personnel. So, sometimes you, by your personnel, can at least dictate what’s going to be in the game.”

Right now, Kelly likes what’s in the game just fine.

Exactly. The TEs will be used more down the line.

There are tons of good stats. I’ll share a few.

The Eagles’ seven giveaways are the fifth most in the NFL. They are a respectable 11th in third-down efficiency (41.7 percent), but have converted just four of 21 third downs of 5 yards or more. Vick is 30th in the league in third-down passing (47.3 rating). He’s completed just seven of 20 third-down attempts. On third-and-5 or more, he’s just 3-for-13 with an interception and three sacks and just two first downs.

* The Eagles’ average field position in their Week 1 win over the Redskins was the 38.9 yard line. In their two losses to the Chargers and the Chiefs, it was the 21.4.

* In their first three games, the Eagles have had six touchdown drives that lasted 2 minutes or less. Last year, they had seven under 2 minutes the entire season. They’ve already had four touchdown drives of three plays or less, which is just one less than they had all last year.

* The Eagles have had just one three-and-out in 38 possessions.

Always interesting to see some different numbers.

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