Locker Room Shuffle

Sheil Kapadia came up with a good story tonight.  Apparently the Eagles are going to change up the layout of the locker room.  Players used to sit with guys at their position.  Now that is going to change and it will be more of a random mixture.

This is a really cool idea.  You can improve chemistry by breaking out of the usual cliques that form.  Remember the Buddy Ryan days?  The defense and the offense didn’t get along.  We saw last year that Jim Washburn and the DL were a serparate entity from the rest of the team.

Moving lockers around isn’t going to magically solve anything, but it can help.  Players will have to interact with other guys than they are used to being around.  Players sit in meetings with their position group.  They practice and play with those guys.  They sit together on the bench.  Getting them into different groups in the locker room is a way to mix things up.

Simple idea, but I like it.

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  1. Dan in Philly says:

    Dont know if chip will be successful, but he’s certainly interesting.

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