Ziggy Update

BYU’s stud DE Ziggy Ansah is definitely on the Eagles radar.  They sent DL coach Jerry Azzinaro out to watch him work out recently.  There was some question about whether the Eagles might consider him for SAM, but that tells you the team sees him as a DE. 

Ansah is going to be visiting the NovaCare complex soon.  No date has been announced, but that is big news.  When top flight prospects come to Philly, it shows a serious level of interest. 

The Eagles have Ced Thornton and the newly acquired Clifton Geathers at one DE spot, but obviously the team wants a stud to handle the starting job.  Ansah lacks their size, but is a better athlete and more of a pass rusher.  I think he’s a legit target at pick #4.

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2 Responses to Ziggy Update

  1. HazletonEagle says:

    I have him tied with Jordan as my favorite target for #4, but the more I think about Ziggy, the more I think hes becoming my top choice by himself.
    I believe he can play any position on the DL, and even line up at OLB at times.
    He may not be a full time NT, but he can play a few snaps there in situations. He may not be a full time 4-3 DT but he can play there in nickle and dime situations. He may not be a full time OLB but he can play there to give offenses a different look.
    He may be our 3-4 DE but he may only play a fraction of his snaps there. He can give offenses headaches trying to figure out where he is lining up before the snap. Meanwhile we have Barwin and Cox getting after it.

  2. icdogg says:

    There are at least a half dozen guys I would be happy with at #4 and Ziggy is certainly one of them.

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