No Lehigh

The Eagles will not have Training Camp at Lehigh this summer.  The team will instead hold some practices at the NovaCare facility and some other practices over at The Linc.  Those at LFF will be open to the public. 

This is a Chip Kelly move to be sure.  If he truly does want to implement his program in an all-encompassing way, staying by the NovaCare is important. Allows him to better control what the players eat, how/when they work out, and things like that. 

Lehigh is an amazing place and I’m sad to see the Eagles not be there, but this move will make TC more accessible to people like me who don’t live in Philly.

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4 Responses to No Lehigh

  1. BigEFly says:


  2. Bob Brewer says:

    As soon as Kelly was hired I felt this was going to be the case. Sad to see Lehigh go but it’s the present day way of doing things.

  3. Dan in Philly says:

    Given Chips obsession with measuring everything about the team during training, such as hydration levels during workouts, etc., it would be weird if he didn’t train where he had access to such things.

  4. zbone95 says:

    This is great for me because I lived in NE Philly and lehigh was 50 miles away and now its only 16 miles. I will be going to watch the up- tempo myself wohoo

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