Victor Butler to Visit Eagles

Former Cowboys LB Victor Butler has talked to seemingly half of the NFL in his quest to find a job.  Now he’s coming to Philly to talk to the Eagles and see if he can work something out here. 

Butler is 6-2, 245.  That’s not the ideal size Chip Kelly wants in a pass rusher, but Butler could be appealing as a role player.  He’s going to turn 26 this summer and is in his prime.  He is durable, having played in 63 games during his 4-year career.  Butler has been an effective role player, totaling 11 sacks, 5 FFs, and also contributing on STs. 

I thought some team would give Butler a chance at a starting gig due to his youth and potential, but after talking to PIT, CLE, and NO, Butler is still in search of a team.  The Eagles would see him as a role player.  I think Butler would take the role of someone like Phillip Hunt (who is short at just 6-0). 

I can’t say I’m expecting Butler to sign, but I won’t rule it out.  Sheil Kapadia wrote a great piece on the need for depth on defense and Butler would be excellent value if signed. 

Butler fits the mold of the young, hungry player with a chip on his shoulder that the Eagles have added this year.  Butler would likely sign a 1-year deal and hope for better results next offseason.

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  1. ATG says:

    Didn’t Howie say the team is not looking for any more one-year solutions?

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