Kapadia on Kiper on the Eagles

Mel Kiper did a conference call to talk about the draft.  He offered some thoughts on the Eagles and Sheil Kapadia offered his thoughts on Kiper’s thoughts.

My thoughts?  Nothing too groundbreaking.  Melvin is still noteworthy part of the NFL Draft, but his insight and relevance have diminished greatly over the years.  It isn’t that he’s dumb…the rest of the world has just gotten a lot smarter.

Still, it can be fun to read his thoughts and Sheil does a good job of putting them into the proper context.

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  1. Tommy the K says:

    Just had time to read the comments at the other site from earlier this week. I am blown away by the love and respect given out over the internet for your loss. Very emotional to read all the stories and condolences. Hopefully, the concern expressed will ease the pain. Hang in there.

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