Clay Harbor…to LB?

Bob Grotz of the DelcoTimes has an interesting post up tonight which says Clay Harbor will get some reps at OLB. The full story will be in Friday’s paper.

Here is the key quote from Harbor:

“I’m trying a little outside linebacker, actually, to be more versatile,” Harbor said. “We’ll see how it works out.”

Harbor was asked about this on Twitter and responded to a fan.

Harbor could fit as a LB, in theory. He has good size at 6-3, 255. He is athletic. He is tough and physical. Harbor hasn’t panned out so far at TE, but it isn’t due to lack of raw physical ability.

Let’s find out if this is just an odd experiment or a full time move before we make too much of it.

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5 Responses to Clay Harbor…to LB?

  1. Bill says:

    Dion Jordan experiment worked, why not Harbor? ha ha!

  2. Duck07 says:

    I see this as recognition from Chip that the reduced roster size from CFB to NFL is going to require his style to have more guys that can do multiple things; something you’ve already discussed.

    DeAnthony Thomas practiced at CB last season when we started having a few injuries. Kenjon Barner was originally a CB but switched with a lack of depth at RB. Learning schemes now could help come mid-season if something were to happen, especially for a guy who could be a roster casualty depending on how the next few months play out. Practicing on D might make him a better ST’er too.

  3. Steve D. says:

    You always hear that safeties are too small to cover good tight ends and most linebackers are too slow. Who is big enough and fast enough to cover tight ends? – Other tight ends. Who knows if it will work, but it is an intersting idea.

  4. iskar36 says:

    To me, the talk of moving Harbor to LBer, whether it is in an emergency role or trying to get him mixed into the line up more often, is a bad sign for him as a TE. Harbor was already being pushed down the depth chart with the addition of Ertz and Casey, but I think a lot of us expect TE to be used more often in Kelly’s offense, so he would still make the roster since we may go with 4 TEs. It could turn out that the coaches go with only 3, or alternatively, may like Emil Igwenagu over Harbor (at least in the context of the #4, developmental TE/H-back rather than keeping the veteran).

  5. icdogg says:

    Avant is getting some work in the secondary as well.

    I think this is more about practice than anything else. They want lots of guys getting lots of reps, like Chip was able to do at Oregon, but can’t have as many guys on the team practicing at once. So now he has guys who are going to take some additional reps at practice and learning some new skills at the same time, so they have enough of each position for the drills they want to do.

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