Nic Purcell

The most interesting Eagle of them all is OL Nic Purcell. He’s from New Zealand. He’s making the transition from junior college to the NFL. And he’s still pretty raw as a football player. He makes Danny Watkins look like George Blanda.

Reuben Frank did a good article on Purcell.

“The reality is I’ve never played before a couple hundred people. There’s probably more people at practice now than at our games. But hopefully I get an opportunity to play in the preseason. Do what I know how to do, do it fast and do it hard and see what happens.”

It would be cool if Purcell could show enough to spend the year on the practice squad. If things don’t work out, at least he got a chance to see the NFL up close and personal.

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  1. ICDogg says:

    Now if he can only get some of Trash Can’s reps…

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