Wanna See the Dallas Cowboys Draft Board?

The guys over at Blogging the Boys managed to use pictures of Jerry Jones from the Dallas war room to put together the team’s draft board. You must take a look at this. Amazing work.

As far as Eagles go…

Lane Johnson – 1st Rd grade – 7th overall
Zach Ertz – 2nd Rd grade – 27th overall
Bennie Logan – 3rd Rd grade – 51st overall
Matt Barkley – 2nd Rd grade – 31st overall

They did not have Earl Wolff, Joe Kruger, Jordan Poyer or David King listed on their board.

From the Dallas perspective, they had DT Shariff Floyd rated as the #5 overall player, but decided not to take him at pick 18 and instead traded down. They took Travis Frederick (early 2nd Rd grade) at that spot. Dumb.

If you rate Floyd that high, take him. If you don’t like Floyd that much…then why is he 5th on your board?

Jerry Jones is crazy for posing for pics in the war room. This kind of info will help other teams next spring when they start trying to figure out what Dallas is going to do. There is a reason the Eagles, and 30 other teams, are so secretive.

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5 Responses to Wanna See the Dallas Cowboys Draft Board?

  1. Skulman7 says:

    “This kind of info will help other teams next spring when they start trying to figure out what Dallas is going to do.”

    Will it really though? They clearly (surprisingly/hilariously) don’t follow their board lol.

    • iskar36 says:

      To be fair, outside of Floyd, they followed their board pretty closely. If you compare the two drafts based on BPA according to them and who they ended up with, they are very similar. In fact, in simple terms, it seems pretty clear that they simply didn’t want a Dlineman in the draft. Hence why they past on Floyd and then later passed on D.C. Jefferson who they had ranked as a 3rd round talent.

      My question for Tommy is though, if you are another team, how exactly would you take this information and use it? You can figure out which kinds of players the Cowboys liked, but I would assume prior to this list, they would have had general ideas anyway. This list may prove to provide clearer evidence, but does that make a huge difference?

  2. SteveH says:

    Wow, they might have had Barkley rated even higher than we did. Wonder why he slipped all the way to the start of the 4th, us and the Cowboys couldn’t have been the only ones with a 2nd or 3rd round grade on him.

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