Hard Workin’ Juan Update

Juan Castillo is now the Run Game Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. Aaron Wilson spoke to him and got an update on Castillo and how things are going for him now that he’s on a new team, working on the O-line again and reunited with John Harbaugh and Steve Spagnuolo.

“I told them when we were walking out when they were first together and I saw them walking together, I thought I was back in Philly,’ Castillo said. “It’s nice. John and I worked together for 10 years, and Steve and I also. It’s nice to be around people that you know are quality people that work hard and are good people.”

We can make fun of Juan’s awful press conferences and his questionable record as a defensive coach, but he is universally regarded to be a good man. I think Eagles fans want nothing but the best for him. The experiment at DC didn’t work, but he’s still got plenty of coaching left to do. And that’s good news for the small school O-linemen of the world.

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One Response to Hard Workin’ Juan Update

  1. RogerPodacter says:

    good for Juan. he was pretty great in his time here.
    yea, the D was bad in 2011. the D was actually pretty good in 2012… until they fired him. then it was just beyond awful. i’m very much in the “Juan was made a scapegoat” fanclub.

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