Our Nemesis

Walter Payton owned the Green Bay Packers, running for almost 2,500 yards against them in his career. That’s tops in NFL history for a RB vs a single team. Sadly, right after that is Emmitt Smith vs the Eagles. Emmitt ran for 2,466 yards in 26 career games against the Eagles. Ugh. And to think, we owned him at the beginning of his career.

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What about pass catchers? Jerry Rice can thank the Falcons for helping put him in the Hall of Fame. Jerry posted insane numbers against the Dirty Birds.

The Eagles receiving nemesis caught me off guard. I wasn’t really sure who to guess, but I didn’t think it would be Jason Witten. He has 109 career catches in 19 games against the Eagles. That number is toward the bottom of the list. Rice has 175 catches vs the Falcons.

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Cool study that was done by Chase over at Football Perspective. He does great work.

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3 Responses to Our Nemesis

  1. SteveH says:

    Remember when Q almost took Witten’s head off and he just kept on chugging? It doesn’t seem like he would be the biggest offender but over the years he’s murdered us at times.

  2. Heyyouca says:

    Using average per game, Redskins did worst than Eagles against Smith, so there’s that.

  3. rage114 says:

    Interesting. Also of interest, with the exception of the Eagles Art Monk owns the rest of the NFC East, including our old friend the Cardinals.

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