The Happy Camper

3rd round pick Bennie Logan just helped LSU alum Jacob Hester run a football camp for kids. The interesting part is that both guys went to LSU and came from the same part of the state, they have never met. Hester used Twitter to get Logan’s help.

And it sounds like Logan had a blast.

“I don’t mind doing anything for the kids, because I used to be in their shoes,” said Logan, a third-round pick of the Philadelphia Eagles in April’s NFL Draft. “I used to be that guy who wanted an NFL guy to come and help and do something for us. Being in the position I’m in now, to be able to give back to the kids, is something I always dreamed about.”

Logan’s character was one of the reasons the Eagles picked him. He genuinely seems to be one of the good guys. Let’s hope he plays like a mean jerk on Sundays.

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  1. SteveH says:

    Logan was one of those third round curveballs the Eagles always throw us, lets hope he doesn’t follow the Bryan Smith career trajectory.

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