Jordan Poyer, Award Winner

Jordan Poyer had a fantastic career at Oregon State. He was chosen as the school’s Male Athlete of the year for 2012-13.  Congrats to Poyer on the award.

Poyer might have fallen to the 7th round of the draft, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a great 4 years in Corvallis. He made the most of his time at OSU. The next challenge is to make the most of his time as an Eagle.

In case you wondered, Makayla Stambaugh won the Female Athlete of the year award. She is 5-5, but I don’t have any results on her vertical leap or bench press.  Stambaugh is a gymnastics star.

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  1. JohnfromVirginia says:

    I want to see how Jordan Poyer performs as a pro with the Eagles. Pre-camp, it appears his best shot will be to make it on special teams. His lack of top-end cover speed could show up big time in the pros. He’s not in Corvallis anymore.

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