Boykin the Starter?

CB Brandon Boykin has had a great summer for the Eagles. In fact, there is now serious talk of him starting at CB.

One concern with people is size. He measured in at the Senior Bowl at 5-9, 183, which is the exact size he played at while at Georgia. Is that big enough for the NFL?

Derek from Iggles Blog thinks so. He uses a variety of pictures and videos to show just how athletic and explosive Boykin is. He’s only 5-9, but he can jump. Derek, as you would imagine, makes a compelling case.

My one concern would be overall size. Boykin weighed 183 at the Senior Bowl, but he was rocked up. His muscles had muscles. There wasn’t much room for growth on his frame. He’s not a guy that can beef up to 195. I think he’ll always play in the 185 range.

That can be a factor when covering Dez Bryant (220 pounds), Hakeem Nicks (210-215 pounds) and guys like that. Short, successful CBs like Antoine Winfield and Sheldon Brown were physical, tough guys that weighed in the 190-200 pound range. Boykin isn’t shy of contact, but he’s nowhere close to their class in terms of hitting and tackling.

We know Boykin can jump, but can he play “big” and deal with physical receivers at the NFL level? It would be great if he’s able to show that he can do that.

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2 Responses to Boykin the Starter?

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  2. Wilbert M. says:

    Boykin only becomes the starter on the outside if the other candidates falter. Why move a guy from where he’s successful unless the alternatives stink. If Williams/Fletcher/Marsh/Hughes prove they are capable, Boykin stays on the inside. If Boykin has to move outside, we are in for a long season.

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