Other Roster Projections

Let’s see what some of my fellow hacks have to say.

Sheil Kapadia

He has both Greg Salas and Russell Shepard making it. That would shock me. But it would also reward 2 guys who were terrific at Training Camp.

Tim McManus

He clearly copied off Sheil’s paper. Tim has both Salas and Shepard making it as well. What do they know that I don’t?  Tim also has Jordan Poyer making it. He might make the initial cut, but I don’t think he’ll be on the roster for long if he makes that cut.

Geoff Mosher

He has the Eagles with 11 OL. That would shock me.

Reuben Frank

He had 8 DL making it, including Joe Kruger. Oops.

Jeff McLane / Zach Berman

Apparently they copied from Sheil as well. Both had Salas and Shepard making it. Both also had Poyer.

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One Response to Other Roster Projections

  1. ICDogg says:

    Roob didn’t have any backup center either unless he’s since changed it.

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