Eagles Add Eagles WR

The Eagles signed former Boston College Eagle WR Ifeanyi Momah to a 3-year deal today.

Momah is an interesting guy.  He’s 6-7, 239.  He tore his ACL in the 2011 season opener, but had already racked up 8 catches for 157 yards.  I saw the game and was very impressed by his size and potential.

His background is odd.  He was a pure WR for his first 2 years at BC.  He then sat out the 2009 season as a redshirt.  In 2010 they used him as both a pass rushing DE and a receiver.  In 2011 he was set to be a full-time WR.  He had the game of his life, only to have it ruined by the ACL injury.  Amazingly, he tore the ACL on the 7th catch.  He remained in the game and caught another pass.

Momah is healthy and hungry.  He has the size that Chip Kelly loves.  I’m sure LBs coach Bill McGovern, who was at BC during Momah’s career, can vouch for his character.  Momah is a camp body for now, but he can change that with his play.  We’ll see what happens.

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5 Responses to Eagles Add Eagles WR

  1. SteveH says:

    So… championship?

  2. Kyle Cruel says:

    You can’t help but feel good after seeing recent footage of Momah running routes. he can be a force in the NFL if things continue to progress for him.


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